Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who Says SOCAL Has No Seasons?

I went for a short hike in Griffith Park a few days ago to get some exercise. I enjoy seeing how different plants, trees, and flowers change as the year progresses. Even though there has been no rain since spring, some wildflowers have waited until September to bloom. I guess they must store water in their stems or roots during the summer and then patiently wait for their turn to come on to the scene. Below: Indian Pink (Silene laciniata)

Everything else at this point is dried up, brown, and dusty. If one looks closely, it's a joy to see the changes in the landscape as the seasons progress.

The cloud cover pictured is a result of the forest fires that continue to burn. Hopefully I will get a chance to explore the National Forest sometime soon to see firsthand just how much damage has been done.

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