Thursday, September 17, 2009

Los Angeles Crest Highway

This just makes me mad as hell.

It saddens me to think an arsonist is responsible for all of this devastation. For some reason, if lightning or some other natural cause were the culprit, I would feel better about it. I guess man is a part of nature as well so it was meant to be. The amount of life that was destroyed as a result of these fires is hard to imagine. I think about all of the lizards, snakes, birds, plants, trees, insects, and even bears that I saw on my hikes the last few months. Perhaps they found a way to fly away or bury themselves in the ground. Obviously, fire is part of the natural cycle of life and this mountain vegetation will return again. How long? I'm not sure. Unfortunately, it seems all of these innocent creatures have received the "shit end of the stick" when it comes to man's approach towards the environment, or one man's angst in this case. Thankfully, the sun will rise again tomorrow, the rains will eventually fall, plants and animals will return. I just hope we as humans can become more responsible stewards.

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