Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Journal entry from August 4, 2009:

Watched the sunset in the meadows last night. A beautiful and peaceful evening. Dear grazed in the golden sunlight, the air was crisp and clear as it could possibly get, the distant mountain ridges formed razor sharp, each rock and each pine needle could be counted it seemed. The moon rose above the ridge and high, wispy clouds turned orange and red. Today's hike started off mediocre but quickly turned into a feast for the eyes. The sky a magnificent blue, fluffy white and sometimes UFO shaped clouds floated across the sky, the mountain ridge again, clearly defined. The grass of the meadows turned every shade of green almost like the waters of the tropics. A cool breeze blew all day long, forming waves across the grasses. Little prairie squirrels kept me company most of the day, warning family members with a high pitch series of whistles as I approached and walked past.

The waters of the Lyell Fork were unbelievably clear and aqua blue, like the Atlantic in the Florida Keys. Another magnificent day!

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