Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Beautiful Winter Day

Windmill Pink (above)
Oriental Mustard (above)
Coast figwort (above)
The city of Los Angeles and in the distance, Palos Verdes. (above)
Santiago Peak? (above)
Looking towards the city of Eagle Rock and snow covered Mt. Baldy in the distance. (above)
The snow covered San Gabriel front range. Looks like the snow level dropped to about 4500 ft or so after yesterday's storm.
No snow in the Verdugo's. Mt. Lukens is snow covered in the distance behind the Verdugo's.
Russian thistle (above: otherwise known as tumbleweed!)
I was fortunate to have the morning off from work, so I decided to take what I had planned to be a quick hike in Griffith Park to keep my body in shape for the upcoming PCT. It turned into another photo-fest, and the last half hour a rush to my car to get to work on time in the afternoon. The park is the greenest I have ever seen it. The temperatures were perfect, great visibility, and I was able to discover some new specimens (for me at least).
I must throw a "shout out" to Michael L. Charters, whose webpage I use to identify a lot of the flowers I find. Thanks Michael!

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