Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hills and Highways

LeBird, here is one more photo from Monday's hike looking southeast. Clicking on the picture will make it larger. The 210 is on the left heading southeast parallel to the front range of the San Gabriel's. If you look at the upper left hand corner of the picture, and if you were to hook left around the base of the mountain, you would be in Pasadena.

Highway 2 is heading to the right (just in front of the foothills in the distance in the middle of the picture. Continue driving to the right (south) on highway 2, and Eagle Rock would be further to the right in the distance.


  1. So Mark, Where do you start on the trail for this shot?
    Off of Lowell? Or further West? So, the Verdugos are what create
    the "Crescenta Valley", right? That's why Verdugo Road winds up between them?
    It's a stunning shot of this area. Thanks.

  2. Yes Kate exactly. The hike starts off of La Tuna Canyon Rd. which I think is right next to Lowell.

  3. The Hostetter Fire Road is the exact name of the trail.

  4. Mark, Have you hiked up off of Beaudry Blvd.? It's across from Oakmont Country Club and you park where the fire road starts. The trail itself makes a big loop and/or connects with other Verdugo trails. There is a spot on it, if you veer to the left of the original loop, where you are looking right at the downtown cityscape. It is quite stunning and I know YOU could take some amazing shots. There are lots of deer in there and probably streams too. There is a catch basin right at the beginning of the walk. The trail will take you to Brand Park, although I've never done that.
    Also, le Bird, you were right! The Hills between our house and the 2 FWY are called the "San Rafael Hills"... that's where you used to go hiking. I found it on the Google maps. All very interesting and it's nice, after all these years to figure it out, eh?
    Oh, one thing, lots of poison oak along the Beaudry Trail. Not sure about now but, watch yourself!

  5. Kate, good eye on the San Rafael Hills! I just google mapped it as well, and there they are! Are there good trails in the hills? I always wondered if it was just private property up there.

    I think Beaudry Blvd. is one of the last routes I have yet to take in the Verdugos. I'll have to give it a go one of these days. By the way, the poison oak is out. I've got it all over my legs from Monday's hike. I'm going to have to learn how to identify it better. Back east where I grew up, poison ivy was the main culprit.

  6. Oh, YIKES! Sorry about the poison oak! I don't walk there because of it. The dogs cannot be kept away. LeBird once ended up in the hospital because of a dog that got into it and then slept with her.
    I hope you've got it under control. Cover your legs!