Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday: Part 1

Canterbury Bells (above)
Common groundsel (above)
Lupine (above)
Gazania (above)
I wonder if someone poured a bunch of gazania seeds along the hillside here?

Eucalyptus tree (above) Thanks Lebird!
Red stem filaree (above)
Mediterranean mustard (above)
It was a spectacular clear and crisp day in LA today. If I had known it was going to be so perfect, I would have picked a new trail to hike. Nonetheless, it was a great morning in Griffith Park, and new wildflowers were making their presence known. The mustards and filarees were abundant, but every so often, something new was peeking out from the hillside. Again, I find it fantastic that some of the flowers I stumble upon by sheer luck, and I'm sure many keep their treasures hidden from human view altogether. Every one seems unique in their own way, greeting the sun and the passerby with a hearty "Hello!"


  1. I had no idea so many beautiful flowers were blooming. Looks like Spring. Yes! An unbelievably perfect day.
    Wonderful photos.

  2. Underneath the photo of lupine, I see you found some gazania, and masses of California poppies. Even the eucalyptus are in bloom! Was it warm enough to smell their fragrance?

  3. Kate, it's incredibly green right now, lots of grass growing. It does look like spring!

  4. Thanks Lebird, any help with identification is certainly welcomed. I'm new at this and I'm just having a blast learning about the area. Please let me know if I mislabel anythig as well!

    I did try to smell the fragrance from the eucalyptus tree, but couldn't find it. That smell is my very first memory when I arrived in LA. I arrived at a friends house in Laurel Canyon in the evening and I thought the neighbors were burning incense.

  5. Gazanias hail from South Africa but they have naturalized here. They just couldn't stand to be cooped up in suburban landscapes so they escaped to the hills.
    I agree that the scent of eucalyptus is intoxicating. It is pronounced after a rain when the sun hits on it, but it has to be warm enough. If you ever make it up to Marin County there is a grove on the road that goes through Mill Valley on Mount Tamalpais near Muir Woods where there is a thick stand of eucalyptus, and the air there will renew and refresh and make you drunk all at once.
    Kate used to live in Laurel Canyon. Maybe she was burning incense.