Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Griffith Park

Greenbark ceanothus (above)
Common eucrypta (above)
Foxtail barley (above)
Tansy Mustard (above)
I took a short hike in Griffith Park this morning since I have the morning off from work. Unfortunately, I caught a nasty case of poison oak last Monday in the Verdugos. What started out as a few bumps on my legs last week has mutated into sores all over both my legs, it's starting to creep up my arms and my ear now has blisters on it. I never really looked out for it before, but today I saw lots poison oak plants off trail. Needless to say, the hike wasn't very comfortable this morning.


  1. Oh man, I am SO sorry about the poison oak. Sounds like you have a pretty bad outbreak. Hope you won't need to take steroids to treat it, but do take care of it (now I sound like your mother, eh?). In my opinion, PO is one of the worst things to go though.......

  2. I agree with Robin! BUMMER! Talk to a pharmacist... see what they recommend. Not a good sign that it's moving and it's been over a week.

  3. Yea, it's a bummer. I think I'm going to give it a couple more days and see if it starts to get any better. Today I kept my arms and legs covered with pants and a long sleeved shirt and it felt a little more comfortable.

  4. http://www.health911.com/remedies/rem_pois.htm


    I read up a bit about it, have you? Do you have benedryl tablets?
    The above links have lots of ideas. Hope you get all better soon!

  5. Thanks for the links Kate. I've been using good ol' Calamine lotion since Sunday and it seems to have at least stopped the spreading. Also washed all my clothes and sheets that may have had the oils on them. There's some interesting remedies on the 911 page. I had heard good things about Zanfel, but it's super expensive. I've also been consuming a lot of Vitamin C which hopefully will help.

  6. I itch just reading this! Hope you are getting better.

  7. I read a LOT of the remedies last night. Just couldn't stop.
    I for sure would take the hair dryer cure! And, benedryl, and
    lots of vitamin C! Epson Salt bath? Rest, and always remember
    what that plant looks like. Sneaky little thing....