Monday, March 22, 2010

Idlehour Trail

Indian paintbrush (above)
Baby blue eyes (above)
Mount Wilson (above)
A strange looking and colored Miner's lettuce (above)
Elegant rock cress (above)
Mt. Lowe, Marham, and San Gabriel Peak (above)

Larspur (above)
Lots of water could be heard splashing in the canyon below... (above)
Mournful duskywing? (above)

Western wallflower (above)
Idlehour campground (above)
Sweet cicely (above)
Once leaving Henninger Flats, I left behind the noise and the crowds and came to the Idlehour trail. For me, this is when the hike really began. It is a gem of a trail, especially since the Station Fire has destroyed most of the area. Here I was able to experience the San Gabriels like I remembered, before the fires. For the rest of the afternoon, until I returned to the flats, I saw not a single person. The trail was in practically pristine shape, shaded, and offered great views of the mountains, abundant wildflowers, and trees. Lunch next to the waterfall was not a bad way to spend part of the afternoon...