Saturday, March 20, 2010


Front range of the San Gabriel's. The snow is all gone for now.
Oh snap! Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a rattler encounter...

Hummingbird and canterbury bells (above)
Short fruited filaree (above)
Miniature lupine (above)

Mustard evening primrose (above)
It was hot up in the Verdugos today. My hike started with an encounter with an injured mountain biker. A couple of hikers had already called 911 to help the man when I arrived on the scene. His bike was wrecked, he had blood all over his face and had broken his wrist. I had a first aid kit but there was little I could do with what I had. I gave the man a bottle of water, but he seemed out of it. The paramedics arrived shortly afterwards. He was in good hands so I started my hike.
Lots of wildflowers lined the fire road. The highlight was crossing paths with the rattlesnake. What's crazy was that I was lost in a daydream about rattlesnakes when I saw him. The snake seemed dazed as well, just lying there straight as a pole, soaking in the warmth of the sun. After taking a few pictures, he finally decided to slither back into the grass, not once warning me with his rattle. Also, the butterflies have arrived and were flying about. Lots of lizards scurrying around too. I started to wonder how much lizards contribute to the erosion of mountains. As small as they are, whenever they run away, they dart up the mountainside creating tiny rock falls. It's almost a constant sound on the trail. Tiny rocks falling from up above through the plants onto the fire road.

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