Friday, March 5, 2010

Verdugo's: Brand Park

Downtown Glendale and LA (above)
Burbank (above)

I took a hike this evening in the Vedugo's from Brand Park since my student was sick. We're expecting another storm to bring a weekend of rain again. There were lots of wildflowers blooming at the base of the mountain, and I noticed many winged insects for the first time today. Just two months to go before Dan and I hit the trail. I've got a ton to do still, although I'm just about finished with my resupply list which I feel good about.


  1. Really love these shots. Beautiful! I remember those views well and was always amazed at the amount of humanity right there at your feet. Say a little more about your "Lists" if you would. I'm curious about how you have figured that out and what's on the list(s).

  2. Hey Robin,
    The list I'm referring to is where to send resupply boxes along the trail. Thankfully, there's a couple of informative websites and books that I use to pick the best spots. The thing I'm having to adjust to is assuming I'll be hiking 20 miles a day instead of 15. At the moment, the farthest distance between ressuply points is 150 miles, and the shortest is 42 miles. Often it just depends on what postoffice, or hiker friendly business is located conveniently near the trail.

  3. If I can help you out in anyway just let me know. You must be getting pretty excited! Bet you are going to see a lot of flowers, and you should have ample water in the drier sections, no?

  4. Thanks Robin. Yeah, that's the rumor about the drier sections. Although in the very beginning, there will still be very long sections that don't cross any water sources.