Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wildflowers: Anza Borrego

Narrow-leaf suncup? (above)
Thick-leaved ground cherry (above)
Star gilia (above)
Chuparosa (above)
Arizona lupine (above)


  1. Mark, thanks for all the postings. So cool to see spring come alive in the desert.

    When do you set out on the PCT? How's that going/feeling? How do you want to get in touch with me when you are in my area?


  2. Robin, I'm feeling the pressure now to get things done. I'm a procrastinator at heart so my challenge is to fight the desire to put things off with everything I've got. So far, so good. For me, it's a matter of making lists and checking things off one by one. I feel real good right now, grateful especially.
    I was thinking maybe it would be best to exchange phone numbers through e-mail. Dan and I are planning on resupplying in Independence, so we could probably give you a call then. Also a couple of weeks before just to give you an ETA. I'm sure by the time we are in Independence, we can give you an exact date of when we will arrive in Mammoth.

  3. Okay, sounds good.

    Looking forward to feeding you.