Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think I've spent enough time stopping to smell the roses this winter and spring. Now it's crunch time, 30 days to go. I finally mailed off my Canada entry and PCT permit this afternoon. Yes, I'm late as usual, but hopefully not too late. My smog test is done and I have my license plate stickers coming in the mail. I became a member at Cosco last week and now must begin the food purchase. I started packing up my room a bit this evening which brought an assortment of strange feelings I wasn't expecting to experience. I came across old letters, notes, newspaper articles, pictures, papers where I had written goals and "to do" lists. Many goals and dreams accomplished, many not. Old song lyrics, good and bad. Directions written down on old envelopes of places when I first moved to LA and knew nothing about the city. Anyways, enough of that.

There is still a lot to do. Taxes are due on the 15th. I've got to put my belongings in storage, pay bills, help my current roommate find a new tenant to move into the apartment. Make last minute gear purchases, organize resupply. Print resumes, finish work. Oh yeah, and get ready to hike a trail.


  1. Sounds exciting, daunting, incredible. Love the story about packing up your room. How often do we go through our life in such a way? The room is like a journal or a scrapbook.

    If you think of any way I can be helpful to your time when you re-supply on the Eastside, do let me know.

    Snowing here. More than a foot predicted for where I am (8000'). It's good you are leaving a little later, in 30 whole days; I think your travel time in the Sierra will go quicker if you have more melt. It is going to be a long, green, beautiful spring in the backcountry, that's for sure.

    Speaking of spring in the backcountry, what is your plan for managing mosquitos? Remember, you can always leave stuff here at my place, or, say, in Tuolumne, and I can send it to you once you get back from Canada.

    Happy packing.....cheers!


  2. That's so exciting, I can't wait to hear any updates along the way! Wow, only 30 days left.

  3. Thanks Robin, will do. No!!! Not more snow!! Sounds like your area is getting the most snow this winter. As far as mosquitos, I don't really have a plan. Should I? I never had a problem with them on the JMT, used deet probably one or two times. I was just going to use a bug net and long sleeves for sleeping.

    Yep Johnny, it is exciting. I was thinking about Dry Tortugas this morning after reading about drilling off Virginia's coast. I miss the Atlantic.