Sunday, March 27, 2011


I feel like an idiot. My brother Michael sent me the pictures I took along the PCT a couple of days ago and when I was going through them, I was trying to figure out why I seemed to have missed taking a picture of Mt. Ritter. When hiking the JMT, I could have sworn that they were two distinct mountains, just a few miles apart. They are two distinct mountains, but I just happened to be looking at them from a different angle so I got confused. I thought that Banner peak was the entire formation above, and Mt. Ritter was a completely different formation a few miles away. When, in fact, Mt. Ritter is the point on the left, and Banner is the peak on the right. Ritter is actually taller, although by the picture, Banner looks taller. If you follow the ridge line off Banner, you can see that it comes down, and Ritter is actually slightly behind I think. I thought the saddle was connected, but I don't think it is. If anyone can clarify this for me, by all means, please do!

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  1. I was never clear on the Ritter Range/Banner Peak distinction, either. Thanks for clarifying! :D

    I've been wanting to hike that area for over 20 years. But even as a dayhike, I've never been able to make it there. Closet I got was Devil's Postpile once, and out of the June Lake Loop, once. One of these days. . . .