Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Wildflowers

Spring seems just around the corner. There was a break in the rain today, and temperatures were warm. I took a short walk near Lake Mendocino to see if there was any activity.
Ahh, the first blooming lupine of the year. These flowers seem to be a constant trail companion, and I was very happy to see them coming back to life.
With the lupine, there were these flowers that I assume are part of the pea family.

There were many more shooting stars blooming in the grass as well.
This area is very peaceful. I heard a lot of birds and frogs. Also the sound of running water as small creeks flow into the lake.
This was a new flower that I've never seen before. (above)

There were patches of miner's lettuce growing in the grass. I had to eat some for old time's sake.
Near the miner's lettuce was this enormous mushroom.
There were some flowers just beginning to bud.
I imagine there will be many more in the upcoming weeks.

It's good to see all of these old "friends" again...


  1. "old friends" indeed. I agree that it's nice to see everything in bloom again after what seemed like a very long winter.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    Looking forward to reading your blog. It does seem like a long winter, although I'm new to NorCal so I don't know what is normal. Anyways, happy hiking!