Friday, November 19, 2010

Hiking South

Sunrise (above and below)

The winds really began to kick up around mid day.
Small oasis for hikers. It was neat to read the registers and see my hiking friends names written five months ago.
Day two was peaceful. The further I hiked south from San Jacinto wilderness, the fewer hikers I saw on the trail. It felt good to be in Southern California again, to see the plants that I began to recognize last year. A sense of familiarity. At one point, I crossed paths with an Asian man who was inquiring about one of the nearby peaks. "Well at least it looks like the weather is going to hold up for us," he said as we parted ways. A minute later, I began wondering to myself, "What did he mean by that? Of course it's going to hold up for us, it's southern California!"

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