Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Full Day on PCT

View towards I-8
Walking under I-8

Granite arch
Lake Morena (above/below)

Camped in a burn area just outside Campo
I get nostalgic looking at these photos. It was my last full day on the PCT. Weather was perfect, although a bit breezy still. The morning started with hiking towards, and then under the I-8. During this time, I was working out lyrics to a PCT song in my head. By mid morning, I arrived at Lake Morena. The campground was completely deserted, but all the facilities were still in working order. Better yet, they had a shower house, where I was able to enjoy a long, hot shower. It was heavenly. I dried off sitting on a picnic bench, basking in the glorious, warm sunshine, and enjoyed a snack as well. After drying off, I filled up my water bottles and began hiking towards Campo, the end of the trail for me.
It was cool to notice that the terrain resembled the Sierra in some ways, at least the rocks did. I was walking amongst granite again, and evidence of glaciation was present once again. The closer I got to Campo, the more I noticed random articles of clothing thrown amongst the bushes. Evidence of Mexican immigrants, no doubt. By evening, I reached an area that burned fairly recently. It was time to find a campsite. Unfortunately, it seemed some great sites burned in the blaze. Nevertheless, I chose a flat spot amongst the charred manzanita bushes, and camped next to a huge boulder to try and get some shelter from the breeze that picked up again.
It was a satisfying evening. I called Allan on my cell phone and arranged a ride for the next day. I lay in my sleeping bag, staring at the stars, trying to soak in my last night under the Milky Way. I felt excited, sad, pleased, fulfilled to know that I was just 8 miles from the finish. Life was about to change once again, but for now, I tried to stay in the moment.

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