Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mt. Laguna and points further south

Mt. Laguna country store and post office
A small reminder to watch my step. This was a tiny rattler, and supposedly they are more dangerous than adults because they don't control their venom when they bite.

Another small reminder to watch my step!

Sunset over another wind farm

Monday, November 1st. The post office was not due to open until 12:00pm. Again, another relaxing morning as I only had 3 miles or so to reach the post office. While at the country store, I met a man named Allan and his two kids. Allan, who used to work for IBM, now home schools his two children. He was very interested in the PCT and we sat on the porch of the Laguna country store for about an hour discussing the trail. His two kids were great as well, patiently waiting for us to finish talking, so they could eat lunch. Before leaving, Allan offered to pick me up at Campo when I finished the trail. It was a very kind gesture, especially knowing how busy everyone is these days.

After finishing my last resupply, I hit the trail once more, only 42 miles remaining. Around sunset, I began looking for a campsite, and I found a nice secluded spot on a small rock outcropping with great views to the east. That night, the Santa Ana winds picked up with a fury. For a long time now, I've been trying to think of a way to describe what it was like. Kind of like a wind blowtorch or something. The wind would lick at me for several seconds, fierce gusts that would penetrate the feet of my sleeping bag. Then they would completely cease for a few seconds, and then whip up again. Sometimes there would be a break for an hour or so before they would start up again. This lasted the entire night, but I felt fairly protected as I was sleeping behind a rock.

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