Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sun Returns

Although it was a relief to come to this water source, it was horrible tasting. The water came from a tank on the hill, used for putting out fires. Indie used to jokingly call me a "water snob," due to my habit of only getting my water from the purest of springs. Southern California was difficult for me because their were several questionable water sources, which were the only spots to get water. I missed my mountain springs!
Relaxing and rehydrating in the shade near the fire-watertank.

Once the rains stopped, the temperatures began to increase. It was hard to know what layers to wear while hiking because the temperatures were fluctuating so much. In the sun, it was too hot. If a breeze picked up, it was too cold. I was constantly having to stop and layer or de-layer. Water was constantly on my mind. Do I have enough? Am I hydrated? Where's the next water source? Not bad, as far as worries go.
I was also a little worried about my shorts. They started to split on one of the sides while hiking the final leg in Washington. Now they were beginning to shred in numerous places. The trail was quite overgrown in spots and the desert vegetation seemed to take every opportunity to rip my shorts even further. Without an extra pair, these had to last me just one more week!

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