Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scissors Crossing/ Julian

Morning sunrise from camp

Ocotillo (above)

Road S2
Scissors Crossing cache

I met Pete at the cache and we went to lunch in Julian.
Town of Julian
After a good nights rest, I slowly made my way down towards Scissors Crossing and was happy to see the ocotillo cactus again. The trail only passed a small grove of them, and that was their only appearance on the entire trail. As it turned out, my friend Pete, a botonist, just happened to be working right near Julian and was in the area when I reached the road S2. It was a surprise treat to be able to hang out and have lunch in Julian after several days of not really seeing anybody. After eating a delicious Reuben sandwich in town, I refilled my water bottles and said goodbye to Pete. A hitch back to the trail was easy to come by, and I returned to the PCT mid afternoon. Before starting back up the trail, I saw a guy who jumped out of a jeep and said hello. He had hiked a large portion of the trail this year, and said he was having a real hard time wanting to go back to a regular life. There was an obvious restlessness in him. I said I understood, and couldn't help wondering what the repercussions of doing a trip like this are. Anyhow, I hiked a few more miles that afternoon and camped on another sandy spot about a hundred feet off trail and fell fast asleep under the stars.

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