Sunday, January 16, 2011


I went for a short hike up the Valley View trail today. Temperatures were downright warm. I had a chance to admire these ravens riding the thermals for a few minutes.
I picked up a book called "The Snow Leopard" on a whim from a used book store a couple of days ago and have really enjoyed it so far. Basically its about an expedition into the Himalaya's in the 1970's where the author and a field biologist travel in search of blue sheep and the elusive snow leopard. The author is also on a spiritual journey of sorts. A student of Zen Buddhism, the book is filled with all sorts of interesting stories, observations, and questions.
Anyways I came across this excerpt which gave me a chuckle:
A crow flaps to a cedar by the river, and the crow's wings, too, are filled with the hard silver light of the Himalaya. "Wherever you go, the crow shows up sooner or later," George Schaller (the field biologist) remarks, "and of all the crows, I like the raven the best, In Alaska, at forty below, no sign of life -and there's the raven!"

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