Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sun Returns

Today was almost a full day of sunshine. Blue skies like I have not seen for weeks were present today. Since the kinks in my work schedule have still not been completely ironed out, I had the morning available to do some walking in Fort Bragg. Before reaching the coast, I wanted to check out a trail off the 20 that I have driven past several times before. It is called the "Tree Identification Trail. " It was an utter disappointment. Basically it was a loop probably about 20 yards long. There were some lettered posts near some trees that I guess once identified them sometime ago. Perhaps there used to be a pamphlet of some sort. Nevertheless, it was over before it began. I never left the view of my car, and probably walked the loop in three minutes.

Not wanting to waste a perfect day, I drove to the coast and resumed walking on some of the trails I hiked last week. It was actually warm in the sunshine, and memories of LA and San Diego filled my head.

The highlight of the day came after work. I drove back to the parking lot and walked some more along the coast. I saw a man on his balcony looking out towards the ocean with a scope.
"Is there anything out there?" I asked.
"Oh yeah," He replied. "There are several whales migrating south."
Sure enough, I could see the plumes of ocean spray shooting out of the whale's blowholes reflecting in the sunlight, along with a tail from time to time. It was a magnificent sight. It also was the first time I've ever seen whales in the wild. (Click on picture to see plume)

I nice treat to start the new year...

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  1. Great photos Mark! Looks like a lovely day there. Sorry for all the rain....may your 2011 be full of fun and adventure.