Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fungi/Montgomery Woods

It was a very good day today. In fact a very good week. Today, I visited Montgomery Woods, a local treasure, only 15 miles from Ukiah. Returning from the coast this morning, I decided to see if I could find this place, the first area one of the locals referred me to when I first arrived here last month. It's a grove of enormous Redwood trees, with a trail that meanders through them. For some reason, it reminded me of the Yosemite Valley floor, for no reason other than the trail runs on a small valley floor with a small river running through. It looks nothing like Yosemite, it just gave me Yosemite flashbacks.
The area seems popular, there were several other folks enjoying the trees as well. I enjoyed how most of the people I crossed paths with were whispering. There was something about it, like a church, that instilled quiet. It appeared the floor of the grove suffered quite a bit of flood damage, I'm assuming due to all the rain last month. Nonetheless, I feel very satisfied knowing such an awesome place is so close to town. I think I found a new hobby as well, mushroom hunting!

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