Saturday, January 1, 2011

Valley View Snow

Ice covered manzanita bush (above)

The "third bench"

Happy 2011! It's been quite cold here the last couple of days. Driving through town today I noticed snow up in the hills. Even though I wasn't planning on it, I decided to take a much needed hike. My lower back has been killing me the last couple of days due to being completely cooped up, sitting all day, and being totally inactive. A walk seemed to be a good way to stretch my back.

It was cold and blustery up on the mountain, and I was greeted by familiar gunfire in the canyon. My suspicions of the area were confirmed when I met a woman on the trail who has lived in the area 50 years.

"Even though we live in the country, there just aren't many trails to hike around here," she said.

Looks like the Valley View Trail may be my only local option.

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