Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I found what I was looking for...

Yes, I hug trees, and proud of it!

These two trees were some of the finest I have ever seen. It's very hard to take pictures of trees, the size and scope are essentially lost in most of these photos.

This fantastic specimen (above) was found just before my walk was over. I'm not sure what it is, but it's glorious!
A ghostly fungi (above)
Alas, I have found what I was looking for! A small trail that will take me amongst the giant trees. I probably posted way too many pictures but I could not resist. I probably sounded like a mad man along the trail. Laughing, talking to myself, exclaiming "Amazing!" over and over again. How could I not, this place was awesome. Huge trees, hundreds (and may I dare say) a thousand years old. How we choose to chop down such magnificent living things for our own purposes truly indicates a sort of "sickness" to this modern way of life.
The trail revealed treasures from the moment I entered, to the moment I left. Mushrooms of all sizes and colors were growing in the underbrush. It was like I was on a psychedelic trip or something. It was hard to know where to look. I was captivated by the enormous trees, and then I would try to look at the ground and see what I could find.
The rain has simply stopped falling around here. Of course, I am thrilled with the blue skies and warmer temperatures. Not knowing what the weather usually does around here, it does seem a bit odd to have day after day of rain in December, and very little precipitation in January.


  1. There certainly is a lot of fungus in a Coast Redwood rainforest!