Thursday, January 13, 2011

PCT Trail Scenes #107

Indie hiking up the trail with Mt. Adams in the background.
Mt. Adams in the clouds.
Indie hiking through snowfield, with (I believe) Mt. St Helen's in background
Getting closer to the "knife's edge" in the Goat Rocks.
Indie looking towards Mt. Rainer (not pictured).
One of the most scenic days on the PCT, despite the poor lighting. Goat Rocks is a place I'd like to revisit one day...

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  1. Greetings,

    Thanks for keeping such beautiful blogs.

    I found you when searching for location of and info about Knife's Edge. From your blog, I now know it's in the Goat Rocks region and would be early in a WA hike.

    About 30 pages of a novel I'm polishing involve 2 men hiking PCT across Washington (from Bridge of The Gods to Manning Lodge). Would appreciate your help with accuracy of and effectively evoking some settings.

    Please contact me c/o: (Rarely check gmail or google accounts.)