Saturday, April 7, 2012

45 Degree Tree

 Yesterday I had a little extra time to take a look around a section of saved second generation redwoods along the Navarro River. Lurking in the shadows near the river was this fantastic tree that was practically growing at a 45 degree angle with an enormous base.
 What's interesting about the trees along the Navarro, is that all of the old giants have been logged. Whatever  few old trees remain are ones with fantastical forms, burls, or mutations. I would assume the wood is of poorer quality as a result of the tree's growths. For some reason, even a lot of the second generation trees have odd forms along this river. Nevertheless, part of the redwood's charm is their ability to take these wild shapes from time to time.
This young tree had a bouquet of redwood sorrel attached about three feet from the ground.

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