Thursday, April 5, 2012

Montgomery Woods

I had half the day off from work yesterday so I jumped at the chance to do some exploring near Montgomery Woods. There was one major section that I wanted to explore outside of the park in the hopes of finding the "ghost of Montgomery" if it actually exists. No luck once again. It was a beautiful day of exploration nonetheless.

The best way to describe the hike was "lush." Lots of colors, a feast for the senses. I found another knobby giant growing in a tiny grove like area. There were several large trees growing here, easily missed by most visitors to the park. I stopped for lunch facing the knobby giant, and relished the quiet and solitude.

I had to remind myself today, that you only get one chance to see something for the first time. Sometimes, it's very easy to take this idea for granted. This particular section was thoroughly enjoyable, I tried to savor the joy of exploration.

The "ghost of Montgomery" may be out there still. I've spent many hours now looking for it and have come up empty. After looking through most of the obvious places and many of the not so obvious, it may just have to be a  future chance encounter, or none at all. I'm just grateful for the chance to spend time with this amazing forest.

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