Monday, April 30, 2012


As it turns out, I am lyme free thank God. I feel like I dodged a bullet, especially since I have no health insurance. The County of Sonoma Department of Health Services offers an excellent service for tick bite victims. They test the tick in question for lyme disease for only $29.00, and send a laboratory report to your residence. Here is their phone number and address for more information:

County of Sonoma Department of Health Services
3313 Chanate Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404-1795

phone: 707-565-4711


  1. That's good news!

    Nice of the county to do free testing. First time I got bit, I went to my assigned primary care physician with my tick, but they did not take the tick and I'm still not sure if they actually tested me for Lyme disease.

  2. Hey Skyhiker, yeah it's a great service. Definitely worth the $29.00 for some peace of mind.