Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spirit Tree

The "Spirit Tree," an albino redwood growing in Humboldt Redwood State Park.
It's best not to publish the exact locations of the rare albinos and redwoods. I won't add any more information than what is already available. The reason is this: In the case of the albinos, there is an indescribable urge to rip or cut off the branches to take home as a souvenir. I've experienced it myself, in fact, still do every time I see one. Because these albinos are very rare, obviously, the tree probably would not survive if visited hundreds of times a day.

In fact, there was a branch that had been ripped off lying behind the tree on Saturday. Perhaps someone had an uneasy conscience and decided to put it back after breaking it off the tree. Perhaps some parent scolded their child after tearing off a branch. Maybe it simply fell off, but it didn't look like it. Please, if you come across these wonderful specimens, "take only photos, leave only footprints."

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