Tuesday, April 10, 2012

California Buckeye

 My friend Kate sent me an email yesterday asking me if I wanted to come check out a California Buckeye tree that she believes may be one of the largest, if not the largest in Mendocino county. I was very excited for the chance to see this tree, not knowing anything about the California Buckeye.
 We took a few rough measurements of the tree's circumference, height, and length of the crown. My focus has mostly been on California conifers the last few months, and Kate's focus has been on the deciduous trees. I had to laugh when we shared what we notice in nature. There was a whole list of things I've never noticed before, simply because my awareness has not been awakened. Kate wrote down the measurements in her notebook and a friend of hers showed us a giant Bay Tree growing near a small creek. Kate pointed out a few birds, including one that makes its winter home here in Mendocino, and will begin migrating back to Alaska pretty soon for the summer.
Another great day, another great tree...

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