Friday, April 20, 2012

Hendy Woods

Once a week I drive past Hendy Woods State Park in the Anderson Valley. It's one of the few tiny patches of old growth redwood forest that still remain, with trees reaching 340 feet. The trees tower over the rest of the forest. The park is on California's park closure list. I took these pictures off the 128. As you can probably make out, the Anderson Valley is wide open, with farms, vineyards, and oak woodlands to the east. Step inside Hendy Woods, and it's like entering another world. The temperature immediately decreases, and  the silence and shadows of the redwood forest dominate. Usually, the forest is draped in fog when I drive past in the morning. Today, sunshine was abundant, and temperatures have topped the 80 degree mark. Yesterday was the first day of 2012 where I was able to comfortably open my room's window and let in the fresh air.

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