Sunday, April 22, 2012

Candy Cane Trees

I'm not sure whether to name these the "Candy Cane Trees" or the "Dammit, I Think I Just Broke My Leg Trees." I stumbled upon these trees in Humboldt Redwood State Park yesterday. During a moment of awe, somehow my back foot scooped up a stick and lifted it right behind my other foot, locking both my legs, resulting in a nosedive into the redwood duff. Just below my knee, my upper shin slammed onto a root or log giving me a couple minutes of alarm as I rolled onto my back staring up at the canopy, my leg in agony. After a few minutes, I realized I could stand, but had to limp for a while. My leg continued to throb throughout the night, but feels better today. Just goes to show that we can't take anything for granted.

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