Monday, April 9, 2012

Pacific Madrone (Mailliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve)

 (Pacific Madrone above)
I drove to Mailliard Redwood State Natural Reserve again on Saturday to explore the hills for interesting trees. The day resulted in another steep bushwhack to the ridge line of one of the mountains in the area. Near the top of the mountain was this rather large Pacific Madrone tree.
 (Pacific Madrone above)
As always, the climate is much drier higher up the mountain. After spending an hour or so looking around, I came back down the mountain and drove to a different spot. I parked my car near the area where I saw the wild black pig a couple weeks ago. When I got out of my car, I noticed a black severed pigs ear lying on the ground about ten feet in front of my car. When I looked into the woods, I saw the rest of the remains lying in a pile in the underbrush. I wonder if it was the same pig? Anyhow, after entering the forest, there was trash everywhere. A dozen or so black trash bags thrown into the forest, with their contents strewn about. I wonder if the pig had been raiding the garbage cans of the locals in the area?
 After wandering around a bit in search of trees, my curiosity was exhausted and I decided to call it a day. Just before leaving, I found this old giant (below) growing not too far from the road. Just a side note: Yesterday, I found a small deer tick partially embedded in my arm. Lyme disease in rampant in these parts. I'm hoping I found it in time. If anyone reads this and is hiking anywhere in the area, make sure you do your tick checks, and take whatever precautions you think are necessary.

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